Thursday, 21 August 2014

A Magical Dish

Magic is just SUPER to have in the kitchen, don’t ya think?... or if not, on tv. I love the ‘Bewitched’ series! Did you watch that?

Samantha zapping everything in sight and all done in a Flash - YES!!!... then as usual, Darren would freak out... Sheesh! What does he know?

I mean, just look at the size of the house. Hours of cleaning and poor Sam would be too tired to cook. We need shortcuts...We need speed...We need Magic!

Magic that’s frozen & canned from that mystical world we call the Supermarket! Like Ma Ling Pork Luncheon Meat... drool...

I always expect a genie to pop out when I open the can.

He’d say, “ What fragrant dish can I poof! up for you today, dear Mistress?”

I’d toss my bad-hair-day head back with a laugh and say,”Genie, thank you, but I got this one covered and it’s a Wrap!”

Luncheon Meat Chapati Wraps

Ingredients - you can pop in anything else you like

Frozen Wraps (I use FP chapatis – pack of 30)
Luncheon Meat, canned
Mayo (I lurve Hellman’s)
Chopped dill pickles
Chilli sauce (don’t argue, just get Lingham’s)


Cut the luncheon meat into strips and oven-toast till sizzling.

You can also deep fry them. Just remember to drain properly.

Cut, slice, julienne the veggies as you wish.

Heat up the wraps according to packet instructions.

It’s a DIY Wrap Party, so just help yourself and Create Magic!

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