Saturday, 30 August 2014

Mooncake Mania

I love mooncakes... wait... let me rephrase that... I loved mooncakes. Now I just... like them.
No, nothing to do with the taste.

New fantasy flavors furiously flood fairs (hah! try saying that real fast 10x!) at malls during this short cheery season. It’s Super, It’s Duper, It’s Fun-tastic! Yeah!... but it’s small... and getting smaller... a bit like what’s happened to prata.

2 prata telur* used to be enough for lunch – now it just gets me by breakfast and I am really,
REALLY hungry by lunch time, God help me! Prata prices are still within reach though, but Mooncakes? tsk, tsk...

The shrinking size is not my only observation... oh ok, complaint! My biggest gripe about mooncakes?

4 yolks = teeny bit of paste! (which is a really kaypoh** statement cos I don’t eat the yolk ones)

Some even sport ‘unique’ shapes, which is another way to say ‘Hey, we’re giving you even less paste! Suckers!! Wahahahaha!’ Geez... the number of gullible people who buy mooncakes! UnBelievable!!!

I’m telling you this as I’m eating, er... ’testing’ some right now... but rest assured that come next year, I will continue my ‘observations’ on this mania... Just for you!

p/s: Whadda mean I didn’t describe mooncakes? c’mon, you can easily Google for it; i’m not Wiki.

* telur – egg
** kaypoh - busybody

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