Monday, 11 August 2014

The First Laugh

So here I am (with you) at my first post... and what to tell? Actually it's more like what Not to tell! Here's a list:

I don't want to tell you:

a) anything about my personal life... unless it's funny... oh wait... that means I'll tell a LOT!

b) if I win TOTO*... but you'll find out cos I'll be AWOL for-Evah from this blog!

c) my mobile number, but if you'll pay my hefty phone bills, then we can talk...

d) long, long rambling story before I get to my point (or recipe) becuz by then the food's cold.

So Hello, Welcome, Shake hands and sit down... Dinner & Laughter will be served soon!

p/s: It won't always be food topics. Sometimes I'll sneak in my diecast hobby or just chit-chat and laugh about this and that :)

*TOTO - lottery in Singapore

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