Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Lucky Little Tortoise

OMG! What’s that??? Ok first, stop shouting – I can hear you from all the way across my computer screen. I’m guessing you’ve never seen this before or never seen it shot like this.

It’s Ang Ku Kueh – a most lovely sweet teatime snack.

Really Fun to eat & makes me feel 10 years younger - like a kid again! (ok, so that’s stretching it a bit!) and speaking of stretching... Glutinous flour is kneaded to stretchy, gooey goodness with (now) a variety of paste fillings ranging from the famous mung bean to durian to coconut (first pic) to some kinda salty strange looking color, but still yummy!

Ang Ku Kueh literally translates to ‘Red Tortoise Cake’. See the nice shell pattern?

For donkey years, since my grandfather’s time, it’s been just the yellow mung bean filling and bright red color dough in a large size. Suddenly there are more colors than the rainbow, fillings that are truly ‘adventurous’ and these cute mini ones I bought from a nearby bakery.

Red signifies good luck – it is super auspicious! (psst... this color will never be out of style for Ang Ku Kueh because ‘Ang’ means red).

I’ve not met anyone who says they don’t like this, well except for one of my ex-colleagues from UK who thought it was a raw, bloody kidney or something, and exclaimed, “Oh My God!” prior to briskly charging out of the office pantry!

I really felt bad for scaring the daylights outta him – never thrust a fresh, bright red, shiny Ang Ku Kueh to a newbie’s face without warning. The other three British gentlemen happily started eating them and loved it!

I ate the one meant for the marathon runner. I got him a scone the next day.

p/s: Read about my complaint on another sweet delight - click on 'Mooncake Mania'.

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