Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sit back, Smile and Burp

So I’m recovering from this really wicked cold (just sneezing was painful!) and am thinking where & from whom did i catch this &*#@! flu?

On the MRT*, at the supermarket or maybe the food court? How about that lady at the bus stop sneezing like a noisy vacuum cleaner?

Funny how a sick person has so much time on their hands that these silly nothing-better-to-do thoughts just flood my mind. Maybe it’s the Panadol or cough mixture... or the combo of both... or could it be the lack of ‘REAL’ food? You know, dishes that make you sit up when it arrives at the table.

Hmmm... ‘REAL’ food? What exactly is this? Mum’s cooking? Fried stuff? Lots of meat? Lots of meat with spicy flavors? Laksa? Barbeque?

One of my uncles once exclaimed to me, “This is not Real food!” as he was grudgingly eating and limply holding a fast food burger. It just didn’t have his all-important real food ingredient – Rice.

Steak, potatoes and lots of gravy were the ‘Real-est’ food of my former boss... never mind that he doesn’t touch the veggies at all.

Oh and let’s not forget people who swear that anything is ‘Real’ as long as it has burning-hot tongue-numbing chillies in it! (you can taste with numb tastebuds?).

On the other hand, some scoff at heavily spiced dishes like hot curries; it ‘interferes’ with the natural Real taste of the main ingredients, they insist! Rightly so?

ah yes,... Real food... the kind that makes you sit back, smile and burp satisfyingly. Billions eat it and my goodness, they Love it!

So now tell me, what is Real Food to YOU?

*MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) – Singapore’s subway train network.

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