Monday, 6 October 2014

A Spicy Childhood

Gangs, Stares, Screams, Furious kicking, Running off barefoot, Crying, more Crying, Maniacal Laughter – just a typical Sunday afternoon at the indoor playgrounds in the malls.

Aren’t kids the BEST? They jump, giggle, and proud parents get to flaunt them like craZy! Flaunting your kids is a lifetime movie career (grandkids are great sequels). You may get a blockbuster hit, like if little Janelle turns out to be a doctor and oh... even an award (like one of those ‘Best Mom’ mugs, extremely flauntable).

I was a flaunted kid. I didn’t have a clue till I heard it from others, often delivered to me in, well... rather unusual ways.

Some kid would say, “So what if you are your mommy’s fay-vrett, your eyes so small... hahaha... ow ow!!!”
('fay-vrett' – iritating slow way of pronouncing ‘favorite’)
('ow ow' – the sound that mean kid made when I stepped on his foot. Hah!)

A neighbour would pass by, pop her head in the window and smilingly sing,“Tell your ma & pa to order New Year kueh from me, okay? They always listen to you”.

An auntie goes,“Your mother always cook what you like; I think because you are not so smart & need more food for your otak!”.
('otak' means brain)

... which brings me to today’s food recommendation... been loving this since I was a kid.
Introducing a yummy delight called ‘otak-otak’ (aka ‘otah’).

This is the entry level otak-otak that I usually buy, wrapped & unwrapped (just remove the toothpicks & unfold).

It is a fragrant spicy fish paste wrapped in banana leaves (smaller ones in coconut leaves) and grilled to a wonder shot for your tastebuds! Often deliciously eaten as is, you can serve it as a sandwich, dunked in plain instant noodles or just mash it into hot rice... up to you!

Used to be cooked super fragrantly over a charcoal grill, but nowadays it’s electric. Oh well, it’s still very lip-smacking savory good to eat.

I whipped up some fried beehoon, stir-fried half a cabbage and tossed in crunchy pickled green chillies for a nice complete flauntable meal.

Tastes so delicious - my small eyes grow bigger with every bite! Yes!

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