Thursday, 16 October 2014

Bite Me!

I very often wake up in the morning with the gusto to cook & bake everything from my many, many (many!) cookbooks. That happens to you, too, doesn’t it? Buying that many cookbooks, I mean.

Pictures of savoury pastries, comfort stews and amazing desserts fill my visually-ready mind non-stop. It’s Food Paradise on paper!

I see myself smilingly hopping from stirring a boiling pot, to scooping up veggies with both hands and plonking the lot into a sizzling hot frying pan, to checking on that browning-along-nicely roast in the oven – all (and I really mean ‘ALL’) coming out PERFECTLY cooked and with a Fantastic Presentation to boot!

Top Class! Magnifique! I am GOOOOOD!! I confidently assure you I am definitely getting closer to that... well, in this decade soon, I hope... but, I am most happy to say that I DID make something that is a top crowd pleaser and so easy to toss together!

Here’s my ‘Angel Croquant Bites’ – savor the crunchy, nutty, smoky & oh! so salty-caramel taste! One bite and you KNOW you woke up to a Great Day!

(You are invited to read about a sweet Asian dessert (Ang Ku Kueh) at my 'Lucky Little Tortoise' post)

p/s: For a Zingy dessert, check out my soft, soft custard Angel Lemon Tart at 'When Life Gives Angel Lemon Tart' post... is your mouth watering already?

Angel Croquant Bites

Bursting with Sweet Nutty Flavors!

375 g   Frozen puff pastry (butter)     
150 g   Almond slivers (roasted)     
  70 g   Granulated sugar       
  80 g   Brown sugar                
Fine Salt, to taste

(Use non-stick muffin tins)

Defrost the puff pastry till you can cut it. Cut into 1 cm squares.

Mix the sugars & salt. Taste & adjust if you like it sweeter/ saltier.

Fill in muffin tins as shown.

Bake at 200°C for about 30 to 40 mins, till the sugars melt & bubble a bit.

Remove from the oven and immediately start scooping out the croquants to a plate (or heatproof container). It's ok for it to look messy.

If it hardens while still in the muffin tins, just pop it back into the oven to melt.

Allow to cool before consuming with your ready fingers!

Best eaten same day.

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