Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Cereal Killer

Hands up all of you who can, on your very first try, always produce Asian dishes that look just like those Gorgeous cookbook photos or taste exactly like restaurant-cooked! Well, Congratz! you’re super talented... or just plain Lucky!

Anyway, talent & luck aside, to make our cooking job easier, there are handy helpers such as curry powders, herb preparations and premix packets. My favorite is Cereal Prawns - I always score Big with this! I use more butter to moisten the cereal cos I like it that way.

If you love prawns, this is one dang best seller, gold medal winner, top notch dish that is quite foolproof. You just have to make sure you get the freshest prawns and all the correct ingredients. It guarantees you a first class ticket to ‘Swoon City’.

It’s Big on taste, the Aroma lingers and a sure-fire Finger Licking good time will be had by all. Enough said, I’ll shut up now - here’s the recipe.

p/s: If you like hot & spicy food, check out my 'I Got Curried Away' post on Chicken Curry - Peranakan Style for a tasty curry & a hearty laugh!

Cereal Prawns

1 Cereal Prawns packet (see below for the one I use)
20 large fresh prawns
2 bird’s eye chillies (use one if you can’t take the heat)
10 to 20 curry leaves
1 to 2 tbsp butter (more if you like it moist)

In a wok, add some oil and fry the prawns till they are just cooked. Remove & set aside.

On low heat, melt the butter in the wok.

Just when it starts foaming, add the chillies & curry leaves.

Increase to medium heat & stir fry for about 30 seconds.

Add the cooked prawns and mix.

On very low heat, pour in all* the cereal and gently stir fry till the cereal is lightly golden brown.

Serve immediately with rice. Ta-Dah!

*You can add less cereal – it’s up to you.

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