Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Krackle Krispy Ka-Runch!

Today at the mall, I saw this teenager in a head-on collision with this HUGE stack of cartons! Nobody got seriously hurt though. The delivery guy couldn’t see in front as the cartons blocked his view. The teenager was face down on his smartphone.

BOOM! CRASH!!!! I burst out laughing as the cartons fell all over the teen! He looked totally goofy-stunned!!! WA Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! I quickly wandered off, looking away, when he tried to see who’s that loud, hysterical, mean hyena.

We have to watch what we do, especially in the kitchen. Dangers abound – sharp knives, boiling soups, electrical applicances cutting, slicing & grinding, woks smoking hot, ovens grilling. This is not a place for slackening on supervision (and certainly not smart to be on your smartphone!).

Worse yet if you screw things up, after you have done heavy prep work all day and you are nearing that finish line we call ‘dinner’! and you are deep-frying really, really nice crispy Wontons that go Krackle Krispy Ka-Runch with each bite!

Like these... Enjoy! (pssst... check out my demo videos below for folding the wrappers – yes, it’s me!)

Fried Wontons
I recommend including Fried Wontons in taco wraps – they totally ROCK!

With 200 g of minced meat, you’ll basically get 12 large or 30 small wontons, depending on how you wrap (use up extra filling to stir fry veg, in omelets etc.)

Basic Filling – Season according to your taste.
200 g coarsely minced pork (or half pork & half prawn)
Salt, to taste
White pepper
Light soy sauce
Sesame oil
Optional: fish sauce, corn starch, chilli paste, msg, extra white pepper (lots!)

  • add ginger juice for a nice zing!               
  • add chopped or small chunks of water chestnut        
  • mix in chopped spring onions (green part only) 
  • add whole or chunks of prawns 
  • add fish paste – smoother taste
  • create your own new twist!
Those are just white flour spots on the Big Wontons. Wrappers are dusted with flour to keep them from sticking together.

Mix all the filling ingredients well.

Take a small amount and pan fry. Taste & adjust seasonings.

Cover tightly with plastic wrap.

Marinate for 4 hours or overnight.

Wrap the wontons, preferably just before cooking them.

For folding ideas, here are my demo videos!

This is for folding the Small wontons.

This is for the Large wontons.

Deep fry the wontons.

Drain on paper towels.

Serve with sweet sauce or mayo (my fave!) or dip of your choice.

When deep frying the wontons:
  • make sure your oil is hot enough
  • don’t crowd your wok or pan (see pic below)
  • don’t fry too long as it will dry out the meat
  • Impt: when golden brown, use long bbq tongs to turn each wonton upside down, and gently shake up & down to drip out excess oil

Nice Krackle sounds from my wok!

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