Thursday, 6 November 2014

Avo Maria

Once upon a time I had one bite of a raw avocado and hated it so much I swore off it for life. It took all I could to keep from spitting it out!

Then I joined a US food group on Facebook (yes, I do have an account) and found that the avocado is a much loved fruit eaten in all sorts of ways! I asked the members for ideas to gently wean me towards consuming this God-awful difficult task of mine. The suggestions came tidal-wave rushing in. People are indeed very kind to help an avocado-deprived lot like me.

Mashed into dressings, tossed in salads, mixed with pilaf, as a herby pasta sauce, smoothies, salsas, in tuna salad or just paired with sliced strawberries! A good friend even provided a link pointing me to the many varieties. I was overwhelmed at the pure kindness of strangers! (ok, most were not really total strangers as I have been yakking with them for a coupla months now).

It’s not often available here in Singapore, but I am just RARING to go the moment I spy that deep green pear-shaped challenge! Think I’ll buy three and try out as many methods as I can. I'm praying for the best.

Life is so wonderful – just when I think there’s a lull in cooking (the same things), I suddenly now have this great obstacle to overcome. I must & will above all else attempt the suggested ideas... cos if not I’ll have to answer to about 15 people who took the time to type those comments!

So you’ve already guessed my trials will be explicitly detailed in a future post. Will I pass or fail the whole exam? Can a person win over a despised life experience?

Is avocado such a big deal that I have to be a cry baby about it? Can you bring yourself to overcome the foods You hate? Why the heck is there no recipe in this post? What do you think? Stay Tuned...

Update: The results are in! See 'Come Avo Walk with Me!'

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