Friday, 28 November 2014

Come Avo Walk with Me!

STOP RIGHT THERE! Click & Read this first: ‘Avo Maria’. I’ll bring you back here.

Okay, continuing from my ‘Avo Maria’ publication, here are the results of my 3 avocados over 3 days covering the 11 ways I ate them. It took 3 days as the trio I bought ripened at different times.

I am most lucky that a kind Australian lady member of my FB food group taught me how to check for ripeness by applying gentle thumb pressure on the stem end. Works like a charm!

The Challenger
Do you remember how scary it was the very first time you jumped down from a height that you weren’t sure of at all? That’s exactly how the first avocado looked like to me. I decided to have a chat with it first. I named it ‘Hank Hass’.

Me: I’m not sure you’re good & ready...

Hank: Hey, you did the thumb test – you Know I’m ready, Missy!

Me: Have you heard about my aversion to... you?

Hank: C’mon, stop wasting time. I’m ripening more as we speak!

Me: Thing is, it’s been years since I ate one and...

Hank: Yada Yada Yada... Boo Hoo Hoo! So you’re the only one with discomfort? I’ve been sitting in that cold fridge of yours for two days next to a bunch of noisy apples who just won’t stop yakking away! Geez!

Me: Ok, I’m real sorry about that, but I think I’ll have to put you back in there till I’m ready.

Hank: No way, José! Nuh-uh! I ain’t going back to Yakkety-Yak Town. You bought me, now Eat Me or else... so help me God!

Threatened by a ripe avocado, I proceeded to the first step of cutting it open and scooping out a teaspoonful. I closed my eyes, blanked out my mind, bravely opened my mouth and chewed.

I passed out IMMEDIATELY – nah, just kidding!

It was really Super, all that buttery & nutty flavor (the Biggest Surprise of All is revealed in the very last pic!). I eagerly moved on to the recommendations shown below. Come avo walk with me.

Avo 1

Mashed avocado with lime & salt – a pure beauty, then with lemon, salt & pepper – it pops!
On toasted bread rubbed with raw garlic – I love this; I wanted more!
Pomengranate, grapes & pear – Very Tasty & Refreshing!
(pears got a little brown while I was busy chatting with Hank)
I extracted the pomengranate juice to drizzle over the fruit version above.
Chopped cilantro, onions, chillies, tomato & lemon juice - to mix with the mashed avocado.
On toasted bread – a Feast of Flavors!
My tortilla chips have never been happier!
Piquete (Colombian) on boiled potatoes - Delicious Comfort Food!
Avo 2

Tuna sandwich (aka ‘Tunacado’) with chopped dill pickle, onions & red chillies.
Mashed avocado replaces mayo beautifully!
Savoury Taco/ Wraps - Absolutely Sensational!
 Avo 3

HLAT – Brings it all together Harmoniously!
(I had ham to finish so I substituted the bacon).
Easy to zap the small trial amount with my immersion blender for the smoothie.

Smoothie – the undisputed Best Surprise!
The Avocado Blooms Magnificently in this Cool Dessert!

I confirm that I am absolutely cured from my past experience and so pleasantly surprised that this fruit is super versatile with other foods as you have seen. I mean, who’d thought combining it with tuna or zapping it into a smoothie would bring smiles & cravings to this Singaporean?

I’d like to write more, but hey, I have years of avocado goodness to catch up with, so bye!

Acknowledgements: My sincere thanks to Michele Mai, George Hanus, Meike Hubert, Susan Cohen, Erin Crisman, Barbara Llorente, Linda Nightwood, Maree Reynolds, Shelby Jones, Evangeline Payawal & Christiam Guzmán for your kind support & recommendations. I am for-avo grateful.

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