Thursday, 13 November 2014

Did & Did Not!

Gosh! Doesn’t time zoom by so much faster as an adult? Suddenly it’s November, and you are still in April mood. How did I get to here? What did I do in those months between? Where did all my money go... ?

I do, however, know what i didn’t do! I did NOT:
  • Win the lottery.
  • Receive the Nobel Literature Prize for this blog... yet.
  • Scam people at Sim Lim Square (just google ‘Sim Lim weeps’)
  • Kiss the kerb when it finally rained (dang Haze!).
  • Enjoy watching ‘Godzilla’ take his time to appear clearly on screen.

Oh wait... now I remember what i DID do! I certainly did:
  • Go out for the day without my phone & watch – FREEDOM!
  • Stain my T-shirt with laksa gravy again & again (some things never change!).
  • Re-edit & re-submit countless times to get my photos in foodgawker.
  • Try as hell to watch my diet, but failed with Old Chang Kee curry puffs.
  • Cook delicious Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee today
           ... and HERE’S THE RECIPE! (Surprised ya, didn't i?)

Yes, Yes, I know the recipe seems long & complicated, but it's really easy to do... c'mon, Be Adventurous! Let this be the thing you DID!

p/s: a really nice accompaniment to this slurpy dish is crispy Fried Wontons from my 'Krackle, Krispy, Ka-Runch' post with my wrapping demo videos (yes, it's me!). Have a look-see!

Fried Hokkien Prawn Mee

I never really measure for this dish, so please just estimate the amounts not shown according to how much you’d like. This noodle dish has evolved to become very ‘gravy-heavy’ with stock.

You can add more of the yellow noodles than rice noodles - it's up to you.

Ingredients - 4 servings
Prawn Stock (see below)
500 g Prawns, heads removed to make the prawn stock
Squid, sliced, optional
Pork belly, skin removed, then sliced or cut into thick strips, optional
500 g thick rice noodles (aka ‘chor bee hoon’ – this is not vermicelli*)
500 g yellow noodles
4 cloves garlic, chopped
4 eggs
Fresh red chillies, sliced (can also be served on the side, if you prefer)
Spring onions, cut 5 cm lengths
Bean sprouts, washed (roots removed, if you wish)
Light soy sauce
Oyster sauce
Limes, optional
Msg, optional
Deep-fried pork fat croutons, optional (pls check online for info)

* You can sub dried medium vermicelli (which is the original noodle used). Soak 1 hr to soften.

Prawn Stock, Prawns, Squid, Pork Belly
Remove prawn heads. Carefully pry apart & wash out the brown mush for each prawn.
Boil for stock (water 2cm above the heads).
After 40 mins, using a strainer, press the heads to extract any stock. Discard the heads.
Add dashes of fish sauce, pepper, salt (& msg, optional).
Taste & adjust. It should be like a tasty soup.
Simmer (don’t boil) the stock & lightly cook the prawns, squid & pork belly in it.
Keep this stock on a very low simmer, for frying the noodles later.

Noodles  (Do this just before frying: Use a plastic glove; noodles are oily)
In a shallow basin, add some water to only the thick rice noodles & loosen it.
Mix in the yellow noodles.
Using kitchen scissors, cut/divide into 4 portions.
Leave the glove on top of the noodles.

- to stir fry one serving (fry one or two servings at a time; don’t crowd your wok)

Heat some oil in a wok on medium heat. Fry one chopped garlic.
Using the glove, add 1 portion of mixed noodles & a bit of stock. Stir fry 10 secs.
Push noodles to one side. Tilt your wok to the empty side. Increase the heat a bit.
Add some oil & scramble an egg.
Mix with the noodles.
(If you like your bean sprouts soft, add & fry them here)
Push everything to one side. Lower the heat.
**Add 3 tbsp prawn stock, then 2 tsp oyster sauce,  ¼ tsp light soy sauce & dashes of msg.
Increase to medium heat.
Mix with the noodles well. Lower to medium heat.
Add spring onions, bean sprouts & sliced chillies. Mix & Cover 10 secs.
(Add more stock here if you like your noodles slurpy)
Add prawns, squid, pork belly & 3 or 4 croutons. Quickly mix in.
Serve with a cut lime.
Squeeze the lime on a fork, all over the noodles & mix.
Eat Immediately & Enjoy!

** You can prepare this sauce in advance in a small bowl before you start frying. Stir to combine. This is an estimated amount, as oyster sauces vary in saltiness – you can a bit more oyster sauce if you like, but it should not taste too much of it.

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