Thursday, 25 December 2014

Christmas Rocks, dozen it?

It’s Christmas - it’s not about the super presents, grand feasts or how many ‘Likes’ you’re gonna get when you post them online (there were none of these when Christ was born).

It’s Christmas - It’s his Birth Day.

I don’t think there is anyone in the world’s history whose special day is celebrated for over two thousand years by this many people in numerous countries with so much food, decorations and merriment, sometimes for all 12 days in a row. I had a colleague who actually did this – no kidding!

But hmmm... what if I HAD to celebrate a dozen days of Christmas?

Here’s my version:

1.     Christmas Day - open presents, eat the chocolate ones, sigh at yet another recycled photo album gift (toss into ‘album pile’ at back of storeroom), open a few mixed nuts with the nutcracker, carry on munching...

2.    Swap presents with visiting cousins, especially if mine are Ferrero Rochers... again! (but make sure I didn’t eat any from this box yesterday).

3.    Zoom that beeline to Orchard Road, gawk at the winner’s decorations* and walk down the stretch for post-X’mas sales (rub hands while grinning in anticipation).

4.    Try to finish up the 2kg roast leg of lamb, as breakfast wraps, lunch casserole, dinner pasta & soup supper. Wait, that doesn’t count as celebrating... um... I’ll get this one at the end, right after Number 12.

5.    Play games all day on my PC – only the Christmas editions, of course!

6.    Watch movies all day on my PC – only the Christmas features, of course!

7.    New Year’s Eve – keep the spirit & sing carols, interspersed with practicing ‘Auld Lang Syne’ for midnight. Move that leg of lamb down from the freezer to defrost.

8.    New Year’s Day - celebrate with delicious lamb wraps for breakfast, lamb casserole for lunch, pasta... you get the picture. Extras nicely packed in the fridge, please.

9.    1st day back at school - gift my neighbours the goodies from Number 8; their kids get most of the Rochers my cousins didn’t want to swap with me. Smiles all round!

10.     Play cards using the mixed nuts for money – walnuts count as $10, pecans $5, etc and you can snack on them, too... no hard & fast rules here.

11.     Bake cookies to round up the festive season!
Actually, these are for Chinese New Year since it usually happens pretty close to this date. I just make sure not to decorate them like Santa or anything Christmassy.

12.     Take lotsa pics of the tree with decorations intact & post it on ebay with the title ‘Fully decorated 6-ft tree. Free Ferrero Rocher+mixed nuts goodie bag included’.
It’s one heckuva celebration for me if someone buys, doncha think?

13.     (aka Number 4) Have a laugh by reading my past 22 publications in this blog – hey! You should celebrate and do that, too!

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas that Rocks! Cheers!

*There exists for over a decade here in Singapore, a Christmas contest for the Best Dressed Mall. It started as an expensive contest costing the shopping centres to spend close to a million dollars when it was first launched – yeah, the craving to win was That bad! Expenditure has since calmed down when it was realized that winning doesn’t guarantee a major boost to the businesses there. Plus, contradictory public opinions on ‘how come this expensive, but awful-looking one won?’

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