Thursday, 18 December 2014

I own a Lamborghini

I was exploring the cold meats section at Cold Storage* (actually I was trying to see what’s on offer), when this 20-something tall, handsome, just-walked-out-of-a-hunk’s-magazine guy came up and stood RIGHT next to me.

I sighed and thought to myself, “Geez, how come I never got to date anyone like this when I was 20?”

Then his eye-popping, hot, hot FHM babe of a girlfriend joined him and I realized, “ Ohhhhh... it’s becuz I didn’t look like That!’

Some things just pair up perfectly, I guess, like Macaroni & Cheese.
It’s not spaghetti & cheese, or kuay teow & cheese... it’s gotta be Mac & Cheese!
And no, today’s dish is not Mac & Cheese, although it is one of my weak-in-da-knees favorites ever!

Just hang in there, keep reading – I’ll get to it.

So back to this gorgeous pair of people, they’ve got looks, they shop & probably cook together. I’ll bet the dishes turn out fabulous, too!

They drive a Ferrari (a red one!), big condominium, luxury furnishings, own two speedboats, attend (and win) the Academy Awards, make their first Billion, buy an island, buy a football team, run for presidency, ditch the Ferrari for a couple of Lamborghini Venenos, buy another football team, and... PLOP!

My daydream bubble was rudely punctured by the deli staff lady who slapped my 200g packet of picnic ham onto the counter, smiled at me and said,”Please pay at cashier. Thank kew.”

I wanted to stay and see what 'Cold Meat Couple' was going to buy, but decided that it’d be more fun to just come home and rant, I mean, write about it in my blog, in my comfort zone where I can be with the Veneno that I Do own.

It’s a 1:64 size diecast (see last pics) and although I probably will never get to sit in a real one, I can dream about it as I slowly enjoy the dish for today – Shepherd’s Pie... (hah! You thought it was going to be something with the picnic ham, didn’tcha?).

Shepherd’s Pie is that Ultimate match made in Heaven! Silky-smooth mashed potato flirting with that savoury, juicy lamb. If you ask me, I really think it pairs up far, far better than a hot couple looking for cold cuts, well almost...

*Cold Storage – a supermarket chain in Singapore

Shepherd's Pie

5 medium waxy potatoes (or any kind you like)
Salted butter
Fresh milk

Boil potatoes in salted water, peel when still hot*.

Mash with butter, pepper & milk, to taste. Set aside.

*so much easier to mash when hot

Lamb filling
300 g cold minced lamb - some cut into thin strips.
One large onion, chopped or sliced
Carrots & Peas frozen mix, lightly cooked (warmed)
Cornstarch, for thickening
Worcestershire sauce
Water, 2 to 3 tablespoons

(If you like, you can add some dried mixed herbs after sauteing the onions)

On medium heat, saute one large chopped onion, add lamb, fry till lightly cooked.

Add water, salt, pepper, generous splash of Worcestershire sauce. Fry.

Taste and must adjust seasonings here. Add more water, if needed.

Lower the heat a little.

Add carrots & peas. Fry a bit.

Thicken sauce with cornstarch (mix some pan sauce to the cornstarch and pour in while stirring)

Serving Suggestions

a) Half fill a personal bowl with the lamb mixture. Cover with the mashed potato. Start eating!

b) Use an oven-proof dish. Sprinkle grated cheese over the potato & bake (or grill) till cheese melts.

c) Make this in advance (like I did). Freeze, or keep in fridge if eating soon. To serve, cover & reheat in oven till bubbly hot.

Lamborghini Veneno by Hot Wheels 1:64 (First Edition)
Rear View


  1. Funny story with a delicious recipe and beautiful picture!

  2. Loves Shepherds pie! I usually make mine with hamburger and corn and sometimes ground chicken. After Thanksgiving I make one with the stuffing on the bottom then the turkey, gravy, peas, and potato on top!

    1. That sounds real delicious, Jay!


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