Thursday, 3 September 2015

I became a ghost!

Hey, guess what? I plonked this text on my FaceBook page!

Hello Dear Visitor <3

I guess you're reading this after wondering why I still have not accepted your friend request :)

Here's my take:

a) I set a limit of 50 friends, and I'm maxed out.
I can't keep up with any more than 50 and seriously, who can? lol

b) Let's get to REALLY know each other before we become FB friends.
This takes at least a few months, my dear, not a few comments.

c) Yes, it's virtual, but I seek a gracious, mutual friendship with you.
I will not ignore your comments or only click "Like" silently. I will reply. I will giggle. I will unfriend you if you don't do the same, unless you unfriend me first (dang!).

d) I'm a diecast collector, not a Friends collector, and certainly not a "Likes" collector.
If you are, then please withdraw your request cos I will swiftly lightning-slap on your unfriend button once I find out I'm just a lousy statistic to you.
Here's a reality check - could You also be a statistic to your friends? no, not a lousy one, just the normal data type <-- see? that's how nice I'll be to you.

e) So now you're thinking "she's maxed out her limit... how can she ever include me?"
Well, I unfriend freely. See c & d above. 'nuff said.

Thanks for reading. Maybe you had a bit of a laugh (or a frown). Good luck on your pending friend request to me. God Bless.

Your possible friend,

Yes, I do have a queue of Friend Requests. I decided not to delete them cos I thought I’d see how things turn out between us, but who knows? They may very well pull out their request after reading my post above & *gasp*... Block me!

Yeah, so what? No way am I going to be so lame as to lose sleep by staying awake all night sulking and upset about it... sheesh! well, not anymore anyway... ok, 2 hours tops, promise.

It was actually kinda fun guessing what could possibly have gone through that person’s raging-bull mind to shut me out and damn me to hell like that. I mean, they actually take the trouble to accurately spell out my full username (I should have made it longer!), make EXACTLY sure it’s me (there are hundreds of Angel Tans virtually floating out there), grab that mouse again & click “Block”. Poof! I immediately become a ghost.

They can see others mention my name, laugh at my jokes, ask me questions, but shhh... I’m not visible... Woooooo...

and I can’t see them either. Creepy fun, ain’t it?

I got blocked for the first time (by two Singaporeans, mind you, and on the same day) more than a year ago. They’re friends or cousins or something, together with me in the same FB food group. I was just asking for help from the guy on a cooking dilemma. I private messaged him (the method he suggested didn’t work & I didn’t want to embarrass him by asking openly in the group for all to see), he advised me all nice & friendly, then one hour later BOOM! The three of us became ghosts.

The female one (we’ll call her “The Addict”) was actually stalking me in the group and at one point I wanted to block HER. She made me real nervous to just log in! SHE was scary...

She would also suddenly take a very keen interest in any unsuspecting person (whom she’d never bothered with before) who showed me more attention, especially with a good conversation, as if to compete for them.

Once I caught on to this, I just felt it was so unfair to those people. Till today, I can’t do anything about it... shucks!

I mean, how would I start? Something like this?

“Hello, (insert unsuspecting person’s name) do you really think (insert stalker’s name) gives a hoot about you and your financial problems? How come her fingers were too lazy to click “Like” on your posts in the past, until you and I had that nice, long chat yesterday, and you tagged me today and we LOL non-stop? Wow! Did you so think the French/Spanish/Portuguese phrases she floods all over your post was because her stalker heart cares to sincerely bond with you? I know her husband’s lineage is part this, part that & part the exotic country you’re from – she’s used this to death every chance she gets. He probably had to fill out a form and he won cos he’s got the most cocktail-mixed elite heritage she’s looking for, to boast for all eternity. Yes, we suspect he is possibly part-Martian, too.”

I sound bitchy, don’t I? You don’t believe me, do you? I don’t believe it myself.

I can’t even hold a matchstick to her outstanding scholarly achievements. How can a highly academically accomplished person become so addicted to an FB food group as to go all out to stalk & block an itty-bitty little homemaker like me?

What threat do I pose? For goodness sake, I happily cook, clean, take care of my sick mom, live on a budget and don’t travel anymore (I did say “budget”).

So what do you think? Jealousy? I became a tiny bit too popular at times? Does that even make sense? Come on, everyone has their days on the net. I’m just glad to have fun & laughter when it comes along.

I am a cheerful person and do enjoy everyday delights. I smile when I see flowers in the roadside bush, pet dogs out for a walk, puffy clouds, seniors having a game of chess, raindrops on my window, friends having a chat over coffee. In our virtual world, I applaud witty comments by anyone; I cheer the funny ones!

Yup, I was born happy.

I don’t need diamonds, haute couture or expensive bacon, and certainly not a gazillion “Likes” or boasting about the snowy European country where I’m skiing, to bring me joy. These are all transient. These all I’ve done.

I found it to be a self-centred mess, which is now my faraway past.

So back to The Addict, I really don’t see anything in my life for anyone to feel the slightest tinge of envy... unless...


Could it be she is an unhappy person?

With all her degrees, luxury food, boastings, virtual fame & money to burn, I think The Addict subconsciously knows that these things do not bring lasting happiness, but it’s gonna take time for that epiphany to reach her heart.

So I guess I was too hasty (and, yeah ok, bitchy) to judge her. Empathy is the better choice here.

Do you know of anyone in your life (incuding yourself) who is jealous of someone who has less, but is more happy than they are?

Tell them it only seems that way.

Tell them to peer into their hearts and have a look-see. Their true happiness is within their reach.

Oh ya, and For God’s sake, tell them to unblock me, please! Thanks.

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